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My Photo Album

Under Massive Construction


Old Family Photographs. None of these photographs have been taken by me. I have not included a lot of description as  to who are present in the photographs. These oldies should be fascinating enough - even without any knowledge of the people photographed.

My Favorites. This group is a collection of various different categories. I have tried to give a brief description besides each photo

Places. This categories include some interesting photographs from around the world that I have captured with my lens. 


Group Photographs.  updated


Train Journey. Kanpur to Allahabad, India. Scenes from S5, a sleeper coach in Prayagraj Express, May'2003.


Nature. Some of the better nature photos that my canon has taken.


Other interesting Photographs.


Some of the links on the WWW that might be of some interest.

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Ambrish Varma

Created 11/16/2001
Last Edited 07/09/2003