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Old Memories

Kids at Lal Darwaza

Kids at Lal Darwaza '06/1966

Dushera 1968

Dushera 1968

Vishnu and jiji putting sweets in each other's mouths

Rakhi at George Town '08/1977

Old Memories
In the background is Moni Bua

Kids on Stairs 1976-77

In front of the Garage

George Town, Allahabad 1974-75

In the front Lawn

Bela Bua and Phupha ji at George Town

Handle me properly fellows

On my first birthday

My Grandparents

Chutka Bhaiya and Didda, Ghazipur

Family Potrait

A Family Potrait

Prominent is the 1965 Fiat

Papa with Siddhartha and Ambrish

My parents getting married

June 10th 1962

I will burn your ship with a match stick

Vishnu on his first B'Day

Will the young one come forward and identify him/her self

Dadi in Varanasi (??)

Posing in front of the Cochia

Kids with Indru Bua

Bua and Dadi

At 2A Association Rd, George Town, Allahabad, 211001

Last updated: 10/15/2001

2001 Ambrish Varma