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Hi and welcome to my VLSI page.On this page, I would endevour to keep myself, and those who are interested, up to date with the latest developments in the world of VLSI.
Here is the block diagram of the MAC unit (Multiplier ACcumulator) unit that was successfully completed at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • pdf1
  • pdf2
  • Image of the final circuit
  • Final Report of the project
  • Final Report of my RC6 Encryption/Decryption project at NCSU


    Analog/Mixed Signal

    The New England Center for Analog and Mixed Signal Design at WPI
    Analog & Mixed signal Circuits Laboratory, uconn
    ANALOG AVENUE: Reinventing The Role Of Analog/Mixed-Signal
    Planet Analog - Where does analog live in a mixed-signal world?
    (8.97) ANALOG/MIXED SIGNAL: PLLs for clock & distribution chips (48:0.2)
    Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI Design,
    (01.97) ANALOG/MIXED SIGNAL: Managing power consumption in analog and mixed-signal circuits (36:1.67)
    Analog / Mixed Signal (A/MS) ASICs,
    MOSIS SCMOS Layout Design Rules (rev 7.4)

    MCMs, Cadence and Skill Links

    ISU Cadence Help Page
    Customized Newsgroup List for
    UIC: Cadence University Alliance Program Member
    University Links,
    VLSI Documentation and Instruction, CALTECH
    VLSI Circuit Design Texas A&M
    The Johns Hopkins University Cadence Users Group
    Advanced packaging(editorial), Computer Design
    Introduction - Multi Chip Modules ,The Nordic Electronics Packaging Guideline
    MEMs and Multi-chip Modules
    PUMA Publications, The University of Michigan
    MCM - Good figure
    Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) Home Page,
    Richard Newton's Presentations, eecs berkeley
    SPICE - a brief overview,
    SKILL for Layout Engineers
    Cadence Software Tools at EE/CprE - ISU
    LISP and Back Again, intro to SKILL,ICNet
    Bookmarks for Larry McMurchie,
    University of Delaware's Cadence Software
    Cadence Tutorial for VLSI Design,
    University Links,
    NC State University Cadence Design Kit (CDK)

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