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Kanpur to Allahabad - on 2418 down Prayagraj Express

Kanpur Central

Kanpur Central - early May Morning '03

End Carriage

An End Carriage of a Goods Train

Relaxed morning - waiting for a train

People waiting for a train

A Train Journey
The all ubiquitous - cell phone

The telecom revolution!

A Motel visible from the train

Pankaj Restaurant

A Railway gate - somewhere between Kanpur and Fatehpur

A Railway Gate

Scene of a railway line and a gate

A general scene

Fatehpur station

Fatehpur Station

A general platform scene at Fatehpur

Main platform, Fatehpur

general platform scene at Fatehpur

Fatehpur Platform

'We Have to Start a Revolution, Everybody has to plant a tree'

Calling for a Green Revolution

A couple of water buffaloes - grazing

Grazing Buffaloes

Approaching Allahabad Junction

Approaching Allahabad Junction

Self -Propelled Auxiliary Tool Van

Tool Van

And here we are - the one and only city in the world!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Allahabad Junction

Last updated: 07/09/2003

2003 Ambrish Varma