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This page is a collection of mails I received and some of the responses I and my acquaintances have made. Hope it assists aspiring students to make a decision about NCSU

A lot of people there have been asking me to get the books necessary books from here. Can you tell me what are the books that I have to buy and bring with me? The course I hope and assume is MSCN. About the specialisation, I haven't decided, but I think it would mostly be design. What do you suggest? Anyway, could you tell me what books to buy so that I can get them soon.
Thanks a lot

These the text books you will generally require if you are sure of pursuing MSCN with a concentration in Network Software. Core Courses...
*Computer Networks: An engineering approach to Computer Networks, S.keshav, Addision Wesley.
*Computer Performance Modelling: L kleinrock, queueing systems, vol 1: Theory, wiley.
Technical Concentration....
*Operating Systems: Operating systems concepts by SilbershArtz and Galvin.
Modern Operating systems by Tanenbaum.
*Internet Protocols: Interworking with TCP/IP, Comer vol 1 and 3.
Refernce: TCP/IP illustrated, stevens vol 1
Unix Network Programming, Stevens vol 1
* Software Engg.: Software engineering, A practioners Guide- roger pressman.
If you are interested in wireless communications...
Principles and practice Theodre s. Rappaport, prentice hall, 1996.
Hi, I have got RA in USL (University of Southwestern Louisiana, now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) & only admission in NCSU , Comp Engg.I want to join NCSU. Please tell me how easy is it to get transfer? Also do chances of getting aid increase provided one studies in some other US univ like (USL) for some time & later transfer to NCSU.Does one have to study all over again or credits get transferred? Please clarify me on this issue.
I know this might sound absurd, but if you want to come to NCSU, Do NOT go to USL. Whats your area of interest? Its not hard to transfer at all..but only 6 credit hours will be transferred. The chances of getting an aid do not improve if you study in a different US univ. You might have to fund yourself here for the first sem..but you should manage a RA or a TA form then on. There is a big difference between the 2 schools - and the job opportunity after that. Tell me if I can assist you in any other way.
Hi , Thanks a lot for this information. I have now decided to go to NCSU. My research interests are VLSI design & Genetic Algorithms. I tried contacting a number of Profs but didn't get a positive response.Generally how much can one earn from doing part-time jobs .? Thanks
I am recommended for admission in M.S.program in Computer Networking at North Carolina State University. I am planning to join NCSU for Fall 2000. I would like to know some information about this program. If you can help me it will be a great help. I want to know status value of M.S. program in Computer Networking compared to other programs as M.S. in Computer science. I would like to know the difference between M.S. program for Computer Networking and M.S. program for computer Science. I would also like to know if I can choose electives at a later stage which will help me doing my M.S. with major in Computer science. At this stage I am not given any information of financial support offered to me from university. I would like to know what are my chances of getting financial aid in any form for next semester as well as for the current semester on arrival in campus. I would also like some information on campus life ,jobs available and housing information . Thanking you.
Computer networking here concentrates on the networking aspect of engineering like ATM, IP, Protocol design, network security, random processes, OS etc. where as comp sc. has software, databases etc. The N/W course has a pretty good standing here in the US. Other universities have got N/W curriculum as well.. and some are better than NCSU.. but this one is rated highly in the job market as well. Campus jobs are available. It is possible to get a research assistan with a proff. if you get involved pretty early.

I was really impressed about the courses which made me decide in favour of CNE in NCSU. But when somebody said not all courses are offered yet, I was surprised. Please let me know about this. I am hesitant only about the fact that it's a damn new curriculum and I hope it's a full-fledged one and not something in its early stages of building up with not all its profs, courses etc. Please do let me know. Thanks a lot.
The Networking curriculum at NC State is a very prestigious one and a favourite with recruiters. Basically the curriculum has 4 major concentrations: 1) Network Software 2) Network Design 3) Network Hardware 4) Network Management the courses have been designed such that you develop both engineering as well as managerial skills. Some of the "bonds" of networking at NC State are
  • 1) Dr. Yannis Viniotis (
  • 2) Dr. George Rouskas (
  • 3) Dr. Arnie Nilsson (
  • 4) Dr. Mladen Vouk ( to name a few.
    Dr. Rouskas is majorly into optical networks. Dr. Viniotis is more into designing and implementation of ATM protocols. Dr. Nilsson is into traffic management and Dr. Vouk is more into N/W Designing and software. Some of the good courses that are being offered here are:
  • 1) Advanced Protocol Design (ECE 792B)
  • 2) Computer N/Ws (ECE 570)
  • 3) High Speed N/Ws (ECE 576)
  • 4) Telecom N/W Design (ECE 777)
  • 5) Operating Sys Principles (CSC 501)
  • 6) Random processes (ECE 714)
  • 7) TCP/IP (ECE 573) to name a few.
  • MAITRI Indian Assosiation at NC State
  • Guide to Food, Entertainment, and More Near NC State
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