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Java Lecture Notes                   By Elliotte Rusty Harold – Course Notes

            Brewing Java: A Tutorial           By Elliotte Rusty Harold – Great Tutorial

            The Java Tutorial                      From

            The Java Developers Almanac  

            How To Think Like A Computer Scientist  By Allen B. Downey

            Don’t fear the oop!                    By Johannes Claerbout

                Java tutorials online!

                Jean's Java-Page


            Java snippets, tips and tricks       By Ambrish Varma


(Data/text extraction and Regular Expressions)

            Regular Expressions in Java       By Steven R. Brandt

(File I/O and Streams)

            Java IO Tutorial                        By Alex Muir

            Handy tables for I/O classes      By Joyothy


Lex and Yacc

            What is Lex? What is Yacc?                

            How to Write a Simple Parser    By Ashim Gupta

            The Lex & Yacc Page



Introduction to Perl                                University of Missouri - Columbia

Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide

Regular Expressions                              The Web Architect's Handbook

Perl FAQ                                              by Tom Christiansen

Perl Regular Expressions                       Lecture notes by Dave Hollinger, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 days David Till A good place to start perl. Complete online book - Excellent for novices

Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 days David Till Same book as above - different server.

Quick PERL reference

Effective Perl Programming



EDA Tools Cafe                       Your Complete EDA and IC Resource

Ronald L. Rivest: Publications

AES Finalist Information

ECE 520 homepage                   ASIC Course website @ NC STATE University

Verilog HDL Examples             From Altera

COMIT Systems, Inc.   Newsletters, Quick Reference Cards, Tools & Utilities and other free stuff

ASICs... the website                 From Michael John Sebastian Smith: Good site, also has his famous book ASIC - all online.

Rajesh Bawankule's Verilog Center        Good source for all kind of stuff (some free too)

Bucknell Verilog Manual

CS320 Computer Architecture - Verilog

Veripool                                    Verilog, VHDL pool of resources

On-line Verilog HDL Quick Reference Guide by Stuart Sutherland of Sutherland HDL, Inc. - Portland, Oregon, USA

SPICE (H,P, etc)


MOBIC and Wearable Computing

All About GPS

SDRU - MoBIC project

Assets 1996

Wearable Computing Intro Page

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Reading List

Mobility of Blind and Elderly People Interacting with Computers (MoBIC)

Wearable Computing Page

Wearable pages and references

Global Positioning System Overview


Optical Networking

Optical Networking -                 Converge Digest - Good collection of OpNet stuff.

Web ProForum Tutorial: DWDM - DWDM Tutorial

WDM -                                    DWDM Web Resources from ATM News digest.

Meet us in the Metro..               ADVA Optical Networking..

Wavelength Converters in Dynamically- Reconfigurable WDM Networks - IEEE Comsoc survey - Good read..

Tutorials on Optical and a lot of other good topics - Check it out !!

Web ProForum Tutorial: Wireless Internet Network Communications Architecture

Web ProForum Tutorial: HFC and DWDM Networks

Press Release: New CIR Report Claims that WDM Is For More Than Long-Distance

Industry Weekly Reports: Networking

Wave Division Multiplexing News Digest

Lucent's Latest Optical Network Product

Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Vision: Enabling new, differentiated services with optical solutions - from the backbone to the end user.

Mar/Apr 99: Wavelength Division Multiplexing

OER 166 - Wavelength division multiplexing - History and technology of wavelength division multiplexing (O E Reports)

WDM Related Sites -                Good Collection from National Transparent Optical Network Consortium (NTONC).

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Projects and Experiments - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ECE Deptt. site

Wavelength Division Multiplexing - A General Introduction

LASCOMM Fiber Optic Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Architectural and Engineering Issues for an Optical Internet - By Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE Inc et al.

Alcatel WDM

Cover Story: Febuary 2, 1996 -

TechFest - Wide Area Networks (WAN)





Homepage for Digital Integrated Circuits

EE241 Ian O'Donnell


Magic Home Page


Tri-State Buffer Issues


Beyond Simple Logic Gates

Design of VLSI Systems

Carry Look Ahead Adder With Timing

Carry Lookahead

EE560 Digital VLSI Circuits

VLSI Design at Idaho State University

VLSI Technology Center: Ask VTC

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