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Dear Friends,
Please welcome  Mr. SA'AD A. SAIDULLAH who is from the 1972 ISC (Math)
batch of SJC. After graduating from SJC he did a B. Com form the
University of Toronto, Canada (1979) and an LLB from Allahabad University
(1987). Mr. SA'AD A. SAIDULLAH is currently  the Vice-Chair, Social
Assistance Review Board, Government of Ontario, Canada.
We are proud to have him on the SJCNet and we hope that we all enjoy and
benefit by mutual interacion. Incidently, Mr. SA'AD A. SAIDULLAH is the
second oldest SJC alumini with us (oldest one being Mr. Rakesh Gupta of
ISC 1966 batch -- one year senior to Mr Kazmi).
We also take this opportunity to thank Ambrish Verma for dedicated work in
bringing up and updating the SJC home page. Without his efforts, people
like Mr. SA'AD A. SAIDULLAH (and many others) may not have known about
An email from Mr. SA'AD A. SAIDULLAH is appended at the end of this
letter. Please take time to read it and welcome him.
With kind regards,
Manish Misra